What They're Saying


You can do things that you never thought possible. There is no limit to what a person can do, as we are truly Magnificent Beings.

IME, Writer

I got to know myself more – That as long as I believe I can do it, I can really do it.

LEN, HR Professional

If you always listen to your heart and truly believe in God, you will not be afraid to take that First Step.

CRISTIE, Admin Head

This is not a competition. It’s not about who gets the most or less blisters. This process is really very very Profound.

REM, Writer, Teacher, Facilitator

I have firewalked three times with HeartFields. I can still remember my first. I was curious yet very afraid. After the explanation and preparation given, I was prepared to release myself and surrender to the outcome.

Never did I expect to receive so many new insights. I felt an increase in confidence, focus, life purpose, determination and humility. I also experienced increased levels of faith and of being guided by a superior natural force within me. Firewalking offered a breakthrough of fears, barriers, limiting beliefs, self doubt and helped build resilience and courage. I was so focused that it was a mind into matter experience. It was a fantastic moment to experience and gain personal empowerment and growth.

I am even more convinced that the Creator created humans with extraordinary abilities and that we can do anything that seem impossible. Just believe and trust in the Creator’s design for us accordingly and we can certainly live a successful, peaceful and happy life.

Wiwiek Rahman, 68, Owner Tengger Resto & Guest House, Pasuruan, Indonesia

My 15 year old daughter and I participated in HeartFields’ weekend firewalk retreat. We did not quite know what to expect. The preparation which we received leading up to the actual walk was invaluable with the firewalk serving as a catharsis - revealing the unlocked power we hold within ourselves. We walked away empowered and trusting in our own ability and potential. This was a weekend which will forever stay with us.

Tehmine Lallani Vancolen, Canadian

Saya mengikuti Firewalk ini bersama dengan putra & putri saya. Pengalaman menarik dan yang selalu saya ingat saat mengikuti "FireWalk" adalah saya merasakan NYATA saat itu dapat berkomunikasi dengan api yang berada di hadapan saya dan berjalan di atas api tersebut tanpa rasa takut sama sekali... dan anehnya alam di sekeliling tempat tersebut seperti pepohonan, rerumputan, angin... seolah-olah begitu ramah dan lembut saat kami saling menyapa... memberikan salam... Assalamualaikum...

Saat itu saya melihat ke atas langit dan merasakan alam sangat indah, hening dan damai... Dan saya lebih memahami bahwa segala yang ada di alam ini bisa berbicara walaupun itu di katakan benda mati... Dan menjadikan saya terbiasa menyampaikan salam dan terima kasih pada benda dan apa saja yang ada di sekitar saya... melalui mata batin yang terdalam... Sungguh Tuhan Maha segalanya... Putra & putri saya pun mendapat pengalaman yang sangat menarik & luar biasa dari FireWalk ini. Terima kasih Bro Kuna & Firewalk💚

Yosi, Master Yoga Instructor, Java Yoga & Pilates Centre, Surabaya, Indonesia

In all my life, I never thought of walking on a pit of hot burning coals if not for Bro Kuna who has inspired many. When i joined the FireWalk, I knew I had to walk the fire pit. I just did it with no hesitation. The confidence in doing it was with me and with Bro Kuna being there. I felt amazed after, though. I would recommend everyone to experience it and learn something more about themselves.

Roger, Entrepreneur, Singapore

When my husband told me that we both are going to Surabaya for a course workshop by Brother Kuna in Surabaya, I did not know what to expect. I was not in the mood as I was feeling very sad as I had a miscarriage a few months ago. I was very sad as my husband and I was looking forward to have a family of our own. My husband encouraged me that we should go to give it a try to improve our lives and get the best from the course. We left for Surabaya together with Brother Kuna. When we arrived at the destination, we made new friends, in fact up till now, we are still in contact. I was eager to find out how will this course help me.

In all honesty, I found more than I thought I would get. I received lots of love, compassion and direction in life that I would like to receive in the future. The alignment of thoughts, understanding my husband's needs and life goals, and vice versa, has further improved my relationship with him tremendously. The highlight of the workshop was the FireWalk. I was afraid initially as I have never ever done such things before. However, I wanted to leave my past sadness behind. I needed to gather my faith, my belief that I could break this mental barrier (the negativity and sadness) that was in me for so long. My husband was with me, He walked through with me during the firewalk. And he carried me for the next round of FireWalk. He was in pain but he assured me that the journey of our marriage life will be fulfilling with his support through good and bad times. It mean so much to me to hear this words from him.

I encourage anyone and everyone to attend this workshop and give the FireWalk a try. It breaks me through my mental barriers, thinking positively that anything is possible if we remain positive! Thank you, Brother Kuna, for all you have done for me!

Ayu, Singapore

I needed a breakthrough in life. It was pretty tough year in the second half of 2012. I had to drop myself out from an expedition due to physical condition and my wife had a miscarriage a few weeks after. It was a disastrous part of life. I was really feeling down and didn't know when this will end. I looked up to Brother Kuna as he was my friend, my very good friend. He told me, in his exact words "Join me in Surabaya. Lets change this. I will help you if you help yourself first. Bring your wife along. You both need a fresh new start." My wife and I agreed. I was really looking forward for the workshop. I needed the change. I need to be the stronger pillar for my wife. I need this.

During the course, I met with a lot of people. Different backgrounds but with one common goal. Through interactions and during the workshop, I discovered a lot about myself and my wife. I was really surprised that there are many ways we can improve our current situation and be happy. The FireWalk strengthened my drive and determination to achieve goals that I set. I wanted to be the strongest pillar for my wife. I told my wife before I carried her and FireWalked that we should not give up and keep trying to have a baby. Keep trying and put out sadness into the flames and burnt. I left the workshop a changed man with a different mindset and with lots of mission to completed.

Brother Kuna's sincerity, humbleness and compassionate teachings and sharings can create wonders for people who are looking for a change in life or perspectives in life. Everyone needs to go through the FireWalk. It brings the best out in you while the fear deep within try to remain in oneself. Try it! I recommend everyone to attend this workshop. It has helped me. It can help you too.

My wife and I have a wonderful daughter now. My wife conceived the following month in January in 2013. We placed our energy with the Universe and trust God to help us. We did it!! Thank you, Brother Kuna, for being there for me. Thank you...

Sufian, Singapore

I had a fear of darkness since I was little. No matter how I tried to force myself to sleep in the dark, it brought me nowhere but even worse, either I had a nightmare or automatically woke up in the middle of the night. Until I join the lifeshop of chakra cleansing by brother Kuna. In two days learning 7 method of meditations to balance my chakra/energy, surprisingly I can overcome my fear & I can easily let go all the burden inside me. Now I can sleep so well with light off.

A year later, I join another Lifeshop, FireWalk. Hearing the word 'fire walk', I talked to myself, 'crazy, how to walk in that hot stones' I thought I just went there for relax in the resort & witnessed some magic things without being involved. In the class room, brother Kuna explained about thinking with our heart that gains the truth & objectivity while our mind most of the time tricks us. This statement I did prove during fire walk session.

At the beginning I thought it is impossible for me to walk through the fire. Why ? I was scared of being burned and my mind said impossible to do so. My friend Sufian reminded me to look into my heart & hear the voice, then he led me to go over the hot coals. My goodness....I did it !!! Without any burns or injuries. God, this is amazing & unbelievable. Lesson for me, that everything is possible, every problem can be solved. All I have to do is having faith & surround myself with the energy of universe so that I can have a clear vision & mission. The rest will fall into place.

Special thanks to Ms. Yosi who invited me to Chakra Cleansing class, my buddy Sufian from Singapore for all his super positive energy during FireWalk retreat. And my gratitude to dearest teacher, Brother Kuna to let me feel such a marvellous unforgettable experience. Thank you all.

Imelda Mandeli, Surabaya - Indonesia


I found an extraordinary deep journey of my soul while doing firewalk session especially with Brother Kuna. Yes I did firewalk before but the soul journey that I found when I took the firewalk session with Brother Kuna gave me answers to my questions... lots of it. Life has many questions we have to answer. With FireWalk session I feel I found my divine self and answers to Who I Am, What I Am, Where Am I Going to Next and the most important is that I understand GOD's purpose of creating us all on earth. Now I feel connected with nature, plants, animals and especially I am close with plants and wood.

Prihadi Saputro, Lawyer, Indonesia