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Team Building Programs

Our team building programs are measured to create an experience to develop trust, co-operation and unity. Each player will experience a natural shift in consciousness and will learn how to pay attention in the course of the team activities. A sense of empowerment and connectedness will quickly form the basis in our programs.

Our programs can be intensive yet fun-filled. It would demand focus and concentration giving every team player the opportunity to be fully present and involved throughout each activity. Our activities are very experiential and transforming and we will expect nothing more than your people experiencing moments of personal breakthroughs, team connection and overall group bonding.

What Our Programs Offer?

  • Team Building
  • Eliminating Limiting Beliefs
  • Breaking Through Fears
  • Overcoming Barriers And Obstacles
  • Learning to Pay Attention
  • Being Present
  • Taking Challenges As a Form of A Gift
  • Learning To Let Things Be easy
    • The Centipede

      This activity involves moving a team standing on a pair of wooden beams with ropes attached from one point to another. The activity requires co-ordination and timing. Leadership qualities are discovered and a co-operation is the key to team’s success.

      The Island

      This activity requires the team to find ways and means of accommodating all members of the team on a series of platforms of various sizes. Initiative, leadership skills and co-operation are prominent in order to keep all members together on each platform for a period of time.

      Save Your Team

      This is a game of using common sense mostly. The game appears difficult and team members are required to help each other by thinking out of the box for a successful outcome. The scope of the activity is to move all team members from one side of the obstacle across to the opposite side. Focus and teamwork is highly essential on this one.

      The Trust Fall

      The activity involves a team member standing aloft a raised platform and falling backwards. The team members form two rows to then catch the falling team member. The falling team member experiences a moment of free fall backwards. Other team members develop a sense of oneness and co-operation. A sense of trust, faith and believe are expected from this activity.

      Board & Brick Breaking

      This is surely a test of self-belief. What the body cannot, the mind can. Using the power of the mind, it is possible to summon through focus and intention and courage the power from deep within to complete this task. It is also a breakthrough activity to remove negative mental and emotional blocs and fears. The challenge involves board and brick breaking to learn how to set targets, maintain focus and follow through with action. Participants will be fully guided and prepared for this activity.

      Rope Games

      The activities involved here require excellent teamwork, communication skills and a varied amount of problem solving skills. There is fun in this though focus and concentration abilities will be largely required as well. New thought forms and actions are best realized throughout the activities. Risk taking, sharing knowledge and listening skills are also developed.

      The benefits are immense in these games as team members work and guide each other developing integration and coming out united as a powerful team.

      The Ensemble

      A wonderful session to help elevate aspirations, desires and goals. This session involves putting people into small groups and guiding them through a series of questions. The purpose of this session is to bring the best out of each through group support. Communication skills are developed.

      The Quantum Lift

      Using the power of the visual mind and the power of the powerful intentional heart, anything is possible. This is a powerful group activity that shows how working as a team allows difficult tasks to be carried out with ease. Though a team effort activity, the participation of each individual has to resonate at the mind and heart levels with team members, together united, synchronized and with common intention. This is a powerful team-team building and team-uniting experience. This is totally Being In The Now. Be prepared to experience a lift within.


      Over the last two decades, motivational seminars and high energy workshop activities have become a popular and regular feature in the corporate industry. It is no longer rare for the corporate culture to include some form of firewalking seminars into the annual work menu of their employee including those in management ranks.

      Corporations have only become well aware that firewalk seminars would help increase the creative, productive and innovative mindsets at the work place. Major global corporations have realized the value of these seminars and have taken full advantage to invest and inspire their employees and management to function to peak performance.

      The value in these events is immense and builds a very powerful atmosphere that allows your people to discover themselves. They will learn to go beyond self-imposed limits, breakthrough fears and overcome mental barriers revealing dimensions of themselves that enhances their overall performance. Firewalk activites are very impactful, transforming and create a lasting effect. No one remains the same after experiencing such an event.


      • Overcomes fears, blocks and obstacles
      • Self belief and inspiring
      • Builds courage, Builds Team Spirit
      • Refining and Re-defining Oneself
      • Clarity towards achieving goals
      • Focus & Attention
      • Personal Empowerment
      • Deeper connection to Self

      We Want To Send You Home As A Fully Integrated,
      Fully Functioning And Powerful Unit!
      It Is Our Privilege To Serve You.