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Breakthrough Mini Series

The Core Training Systems is an essential training program for the 21st Century corporation looking to take its business to new levels of success. A projection of this sort requires a revisit of its corporate faculties and particularly its human resource.

The human capital is an important asset that requires continuous attention and development. Because it is a faculty that is able to respond consciously, it is imperative that it must be improved and upgraded constantly to meet goals and targets.


The Breakthrough Mini Series is a powerful set of tools for taking the ordinary minds to extra-ordinary feats of accomplishment. The methods employed are powerful and impactful. You can expect your people to experience a paradigm shift from our activities and come away with increased focus, concentration, creativity, problem solving skills and many more attributes.

The breakthrough series is fun and allows easy participation within the office premises. It is also designed with cost and time saving attributes for the corporation.

The breakthrough mini-series is targeted to:

  1. Develop new conscious approaches towards meeting targets
  2. Renew/Increase zest and spirit to take on challenges
  3. Move past barriers and blockages
  4. Increase concentration and focus

The Breathrough mini-series is a combination of modules for the group and individuals bringing about a collective responsibility and consciousness towards a common goal.

Topics covered
  1. Promoting a spirit of unity, trust and co-operation
  2. Understanding roles, duty and responsibilities for self and others
  3. Improving team synergy, communication and support for a common goal
  4. Understanding brain power
  5. Breaking down blockages and limiting beliefs
  6. Understanding / Removing fears
  7. Setting goals and targets
  8. Developing commitment
  9. Staying calm, focused and attentive
  10. Maintaining physical and mental wellness
  11. Complementing strengths and weaknesses
What you will learn
  1. greater accuracy and focus with work
  2. analytical skills
  3. thinking out of the box
  4. skills to solve problems
  5. approach work with more creativity
  6. enhanced relationship with colleagues
  7. seeing beyond limited abilities
  8. taking action and following through
  9. keeping agreements and deadlines
  10. remaining calm and present when under pressure
  11. patience and tolerance

The Core Training Systems - Breakthrough mini-series are all conducted as indoor sessions with the one module being an outdoor session.

All the sessions will include short theories, powerpoint presentations, games and challenges for the individual and as a group or team.

For Whom

All levels in the organization.

Class Size

30 participants


3 hours per module per week