Firewalking Tradition

Firewalking practice was known to have existed thousands of years and records have shown that ancient civilizations introduced Firewalking largely as a religious or spiritual symbol as a test of one’s faith. It is still a very powerful and deep spiritual activity for many cultures and traditions, often used as a rite of passage to test an individual’s strength, courage and faith.

Today Firewalking has taken on a new dimension and has a great following outside the sphere of religion, tradition and customs though the spiritual aspects still hold deep respect.

Firewalking became popular in the 1970s when Tolly Burkan began giving public classes throughout the United States and Europe in an effort to demonstrate that the practice was not paranormal or trance induced.

'Modern Firewalking' as it is termed today, is used in corporate and team-building seminars and self-help workshops as a confidence-building exercise. Its aim is used to help people transform their fears and to overcome obstacles that they once thought were not possible. Isn’t fear your greatest obstacle in doing anything?

In Firewalking, the lessons are deep and valuable. The power of the mind is tested at the fire-pit which is the classroom, and the fire is the teacher. Your thoughts and belief systems are deeply questioned and brought to the fore-front. Firewalking is a very powerful experiential event that shifts you to question your self and connect you at a deeper level. Once you connect to this deeper level, you will understand that your Being can move beyond to greater manifestation.

Firewalking is an unforgettable experience that reveals your infinite potential. Firewalking is not about conquering the fire or the fire-pit but is about challenging your limits and going beyond the fear. It allows you to increase your personal power and offers all round wellness.

The mind is not fixed and is mould-able. You shape your mind from the FireWalk experience and understand the powers of nature that exist outside and within you. Firewalking helps push your boundaries erasing ideas previously held in your belief system.

People in ancient times used Firewalking as a healing and cleansing process. It was also used as rite of passage for transporting boys to become young men and girls to become pure women ready for womanhood and motherhood. Warriors were known to have walked on a fire-pit before moving off to engage themselves in battle. Whatever the purpose, Firewalking was used as a tool to effect a paradigm shift.

Through Firewalking you learn to be aware of your fears, to embrace and accept your fears, to remove limiting beliefs, to walk through blockages and to connect to your path of infinite possibilities.