❝ Outer circumstances don't need so much effort to be changed but the inner lethargy is centuries old. The unconsciousness is so primitive, its roots are so deep, that it needs a total determination on your part, a tremendous determination, a commitment, a deep involvement. You have to risk all. ❞

Living In The Era of New Consciousness

"Times they are a changing" ...... more than just lyrics to a song written over fifty years ago, these words resonate true today that unprecedented change has braced its way into our lives especially so since the turn of the new millenium.

Whether conscious or not, change will be constant. Technology and Science have strongly influenced our lives and our thinking no longer remains confined in a box. Creativity and imagination have fast taken over age-old doctrines and methodologies causing phenomenal impact and change in every aspect of our lives, most evidently in human thinking and co-existence.

Those who move with the change are fully aware and flowing with the tide of time. They are fully conscious of their unlimited potential and are driven to live daringly to walk the untrodden path that many from past generations had previosly feared. There are others who remain unawakened, un-conscious and un-realized. They are struggling to cope with the rapid change. They are large in number and not aware yet of their importance, value and worth to the world at large.

Our aim is to guide them all to new heights of consciousness and to bring them to full focus and awareness, to live life consciously with meaning, purpose and choice. They are gifted, talented and equally powerful beyond limitations but they do not know this fact. They deserve to know and experience their highest potential self and we have the experience and knowledge to guide them to that conscious realization.

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